I’ll be attending The Hive conference in Berlin in April and I’m super excited about it!
One thing we are asked to do is to write 40facts about ourselves… wow, 40. That’s quite a lot…let’s see…
I already wrote down 20facts some time ago and as that post was in German I feel free to repeat the most important ones here, translated… awesome trick, right?

1.  I don’t like phonecalls. As I’m a lot on the phone at the office I prefer text messages in private.
Quite a silly fact to put up No.1 though.

2. I love England and almost everything related.

3. I was a fan of „Take That“ when I was 14 and even cried a bit, when Robbie left. Teenagers, huh?

4. After that I became a huge Oasis enthusiast, it was my first live concert as well.

5. I also loved (an still do) their „rivals“ Blur. My friend Kerstin and I took a 10hour train ride to see them live at Hurricane Festival ’99. Today I can’t believe our mothers let us do that. Thanks Mom!

6. I’m not much into reading books.

7. I petted a sloth! As my fiancé and I „adopted“ a sloth at the zoo in Dresden (her name is Marlies) we have a little private audience once a year where I was allowed to pet her. Normally visitors are not allowed to touch them, as they aren’t „in the mood“ all the time and their bites are very hurtful.

8. I got my lip pierced when I was 24 or something. When I started working as an architect I had to remove it, as I kept playing on the ring with my teeth and tongue when I got nervous. And I was nervous a lot back then and it just looked stupid.

9. I have 2 older brothers, 1 older sister, 4 nephews and 3 nieces.

10. I don’t want to have children, neither does my fiancé.

11. I find it rather annoying and inappropriate when people try to convince us otherwise. Still many do try it.

12. In my mind every number is connected to a colour and every colour to a sound. It’s hard to describe those colours and sounds though. But different numbers, colours and sounds make me feel more or less comfortable. Sometimes that has an influence on my life, e.g. I told my fiancé that we cannot get married in 2014.

13. 13 is kind of lurid yellowish-green and I don’t like it, whereas 1 and 3 – both some kind of blue- are quite alright.

14. Starting to write a blog was one of the best decisions in my life.

15. I started blogging on a Sunday afternoon without any know-how or a great concept, I just started because it felt right.

16. I’m a learner. I’m eager to find out stuff, solve problems, get answers. I read the Wikipedia for fun sometimes.

17. I’ve never been to New York. Or the U.S. in general.

18. I travelled through Rajasthan with my dear friend Nina in 2011. After a camel ride through Thar desert we were supposed to stay there overnight. As I’m not really an outdoorsy kind of girl I chose the option to go back to the hotel. So a drunk Indian drove me all the way back through the desert in the middle of the night at about 30km/h and we had a really (I mean REALLY) weird conversation for the two hours it took us to get back to town. After that I was so baffled I couldn’t sleep.

19. We have a cute cat named Gandhi. We got him when he was 8 years old and he didn’t get along with his sister (living with him at his former owners‘) anymore. He was actually called Gandalf (as he is white and grey and….whatev…), but we are not so much into the Tolkien universe and found Gandhi much more suitable… although (or maybe just because) he’s far away from anything like hunger strike.

20. Gandhi and me, we both like bubble wrap.

21. My Grandfather to my mother’s side was a wine grower and farmer. Unfortunately he died long before I was born.

22. Yet my mom and me and my siblings grew up in his house, which his grandparents bought. It’s very very old and made of slate.

23. I love almost all kinds of animals. I do not like monkeys whatsoever, they scare me.

24. I’m also a big fan of flowers and try to always have some around in the apartment. I don’t have green fingers when it comes to potted plants though… I usually forget to water them, it’s a shame.

25. I lived in Berlin for about 2 months after I finished an internship and had some time left until the new semester started. As I studied in the rather small town of Trier, I wanted to take the opportunity to get a taste of a big city. Those two months really opened a lot of doors in my head. Berlin still has this effect to me every time I visit.

26. I left Trier right after I finished university and moved to Hamburg.

27. In Hamburg I couldn’t find an apartment and so I moved in with Katja, who was (and is) really supportive. She is still one of my best friends.

28. I wish I could sew.

29. I’m an architect for almost 7 years now and planning my 5th school building right now. It’s not as exciting as it sounds.

30. I’d love to design and plan a museum some time. Or a single-family house (I actually never did that!).

31. Sometimes I have some weird dreams including stairs. Most of the time they are either broken, too narrow or don’t have a banister. Any oneirocritics out there?

32. My favourite numbers are 9, 16 and 26.

33. I love to ride my bike through the city on warm summer nights. I should do that more often.

34. I turn 34 this September. (a tiny wtf seems appropriate here…)

35. I’m pretty short, but I’m okay with it. I also don’t wear heels too often as they make my feet hurt and I don’t think that’s worth it.

36. I can become very bitchy when I’m hungry or hypoglycaemic… some times from one moment to the other. I’m sorry about that.

37. I used to babysit my goddaughter Sophia regularly when she was a baby. One of her first words was „Jarvis“, which I taught her as I liked Jarvis Cocker (lead singer of Pulp) a lot these days.

38. I bought myself a violin when I was 17 which I called  Branson. That actually is Jarvis Cocker’s middle name.

39. I dare to break the rule and skip this one.

40. I go to bed now.