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My monthly DIY: Weaving!


I came across my post about potato printing recently and it made me think about what other crafts we did in primary school.

Weaving! my brain said immediately. I liked that thought, ordered a hand loom and started weaving. You gotta be spontaneous sometimes, right?
Also weaving is quite a good activity when you’re hanging around at home with a persistent flu and already got tired of watching TV series on Netflix all day or refreshing your Instagram feed every other minute ;)

Besides there is this 9 things for 2015 list I made and one of the resolutions there is to actually make one of the projects on my DIY Pinterest board once a month. So here we go:


My Monthly DIY - Weaving 3


After I made myself familiar with this whole weaving thing and technique again (it’s been quite a while…), Pinterest helped me to get inspired. Just stripes seemed a bit boring to me and I found plenty of awesome weaving  projects, which I will -of course- ALL try out myself.
There are so many possibilities, using various kinds of wool, different colours, weave in some pompoms or wooden beads, experimenting with voids or negative spaces and so on.

My Monthly DIY - Weaving 2

I just went for it and tried something geometric in yellow, white and grey.
In the end the whole thing looks fabulous as a little piece of art on the wall. It’s a little ethno style, but also modern or „bohemian“ due to the more geometric pattern. Just like our rug. So it’s matching perfectly and I like it a lot!


Cheers to primary school!

My Monthly DIY - Weaving 1

Moin! Ich bin Verena und schreibe hier über Interior Styling und mein Leben in Hamburg.

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