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End of summer break! – or: she’s got plans!


You probably didn’t expect a post about interior design so shortly after our wedding, right?
Don’t worry, there are a lot of wedding related posts in the making right now, I’m just waiting for the professional photos ;)


After all those weeks of tension and excitement I caught a flu, which forced me to slow it down a bit.
Nevertheless I have some points on my “after-the-wedding”-to-do-list, e.g. planning and re-designing our home office / guest room. Fortunately that one fitted into my being-sick-schedule pretty well, inbetween sleeping, drinking ginger tea and blowing my nose I had some time to scribble a bit.


Our problem child . . .


We are struggeling with this room for quite a while. It became a huge storage room from time to time, which is a shame of course.
We had to declutter it just before our wedding as we needed the guest room for my mother’s stay. So that was a good opportunity to keep going afterwards.


I had taken the measurements when we first moved in and I know the dimensions of the furniture by heart, so all I needed was some transparent paper and a pen. There are 20 square metres to be filled and used wisely!

Grundriss Einrichtungskonzept Arbeits- und Gästezimmer. hamburg von innen.

These pieces of furniture are to be arranged:

1 desk with a chair (we don’t actually need the second desk, so we took that one out to save some room)
2 white chests of drawes for towels, scarves etc.
3 banks with drawers for textiles, crafting supplies etc.
4 large cupboards for our books, dokuments, tools etc.
1 daybed
1 antique washing stand, which will be used to contain all kinds of stuff


Thats’s the plan!


So this is the solution I figured out:

We put the desk in front of the window for natural light and a view once in a while when working there.
The large cupboards and the 3 banks are set on the wall behind the door.
On the wall opposite to that there’s the daybed in the corner, quite cozy and with a “canopy” of pompoms (former wedding decoration, clever!), next to it there’s the two chests of drawers.
The washing stand finds its place right next to the door.


The furniture is mostly white or black and white, except the daybed made of paletts and the washing stand made of some kind of dark wood.
So this is a good start for a colour scheme. But this was also a great opportunity to create another moodboard! I mentioned before, that I’d love to do moodboards more often so here it is:

Moodboard Homeoffice. hamburg von innen

Next step: realisation

…when my cold has gone and I’m ready to move furniture around.
I’m definitely going to show you photos of the results!

You see, there’s a lot going on here and I have some plans. I hope you’re as excited as I am :)


Moin! Ich bin Verena und schreibe hier über Interior Styling und mein Leben in Hamburg.

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