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Margarethe – or How It Used to Be


You should always look ahead and think positive, they say.
Sometimes it’s just not that easy and right now is one of the “some times”. Recent events in my inner circle of friends make it hard … and bring up old memories.

I’m thinking a lot about the past at the moment, especially about my childhood in the country side.


But besides the bullshit that happened back then and which I’m reminded of right now, there’s a lot of warmth as well. Maybe ist nostalgia and some kind of romanticisation.
Or maybe I just had a pretty darn good childhood! :)

It was all playing outdoors and building huts near the brook – Hi there Dominik, Yvonne, Elisabeth, Sebastian and Dirk! -, not going into the forest behind our house alone (which I never did until I was old enough and allowed to go), splashing water at each other at the standpost until that old lady came out to tell us off, buying sweets for 10Pfennig each at our local grocery store and catching yucky polliwogs out of the pond at the garden of Dominik and Yvonne’s parents.

That was awesome, I loved it!

Even back then Saturday was my favourite day. Although I had to go to school every other Saturday till noon (gosh, I’m old!)…that’s fine. It didn’t diminish my love at all.

What I loved most as a child was being in the garden with my parents on sunny Saturdays. The garden of Dominik and Yvonne’s parents was just next to it and then there was the house where Elisabeth and Sebastian lived. Dirk was also living in our street, but on the other end of it.
Everybody was in their gardens at springtime and we kids just ran around, playing or “helping” sometimes, needless to say.

And on very good days somebody piled up some twigs and we had a fire to bake some potatoes. Or to produce some fresh charcoal…depending on individual talent.

After that, in the late late afternoon, it was time for a hot tub. I absolutely loved bathing in a tub and that’s still something I really really enjoy (unfortunately our home doesn’t have a tub).

Then there was supper or “Abendbrot” (evening bread, literally), with fresh bread -which I also still loooove!- and salami for me, please.
After that I had to watch “Sportschau” with my father, which was rather dull for me, but hey, I was allowed to watch TV, no need to be picky ;)

Margarethe: Kindheitserinnerungen

Not so long ago my Mom found something really great in the attic: my very first “doll”, which my grandmother had given to me and which I used to carry with me all.the.time.
Actually I cannot remember this, but I do remember that doll. Some terry cloth creature with a face on both sides and a kitten in her apron pocket. Look at that smile. These smilessss.

My mother washed the doll, repaired it and send it in a parcel to Hamburg.
I can’t recall if that doll had a name, now I call her Margarethe, after my granny.

So Margarethe shall stand for all my happy childhood memories here.

Margarethe: Kindheitserinnerungen

So, what I learned is:

It’s a good thing, when horrible events not only bring up horrible memories but also those lovely, warm and happy ones.
It’s also a good thing to remind oneself to appreciate the small things in live, as corny as that might sound.
I’m so thankful for my rather carefree life, my health (even after three weeks with a flu… geegaw!) and my lovely and loving family and friends.

I’m looking forward, positive and full of hope and I’m just trying to be the best friend I can be.


Thanks to CoCorrina for allowing me to use her beautiful "Stop Smell Roses" artwork. You can download it here, if you want to use it as a desktop wallpaper, that reminds you to enjoy the little things. :)
Moin! Ich bin Verena und schreibe hier über Interior Styling und mein Leben in Hamburg.

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