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My Monthly DIY – Mobile


One of the things on my to do list for 2015 is to try out one DIY project from my Pinterest board every month.

That worked fine for January and Febuary, but now I’m a bit behind schedule due to job reasons at first and then this tenacious flu.
So there’ll be some more DIY projects here in May. Could be worse ;)
This time I tried my luck with brass pipes. You can get those online, e.g. at ProKilo, even cut in a length of your choice, if you want.
I aimed at something like a geometric “lamp shade” made of those pipes and nylon cord, similar to this one on my pin board.


Well, what shall I say: great plan, Verena! But.


It really takes some experimentation and patience (which I’m very well known for. Not.)

Those brass pipes are quite heavy and it was a bit of trial and mostly error to find out, which cord and knots work out best.
Luckily my fiancé supported me. Okay, to be honest, he occupied this whole lamp shade project and became alarmingly ambitious about it. The only thing I did was saying “Come on, just let it go. It doesn’t work”…very supportive, I know.

Messing Stabwerk
…bragger… ;)

Well, it DID work eventually. But as the result isn’t fixed to the ceiling yet, I’m going to show you my Verena’s-nerves-compatible DIY, which I made of the remaining pipes:

A simple pyramid mobile.

pyramiden messing diy_hamburg von innen

Yes, it’s easy and yes, everybody can do that… even nyloncordknottingnerved Vreni.

And it looks pretty as well in our living room corner, doesn’t it?
In addition to the geometrical mobile I taped some wall art next to it, inspired by my DIY from January.

pyramide messing diy_hamburg von innen

FIY: the lamp shade construction shown in the DIY on my Pinterest board is made of straws, that were spray painted… so that eliminates the weight issues…
After all I find the real brass more classy ;)


Moin! Ich bin Verena und schreibe hier über Interior Styling und mein Leben in Hamburg.

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