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The story so far and what the future holds


When I started this blog three and a half years ago I’d never imagined what a big deal it would become for me. I just started. On a boring afternoon in November, rain outside, feeling kind of sad because of the weekend’s end and a job I didn’t like on Monday ahead of me. So I was browsing the internet and ended up registrating on blogger. A URL  was requested so I just came up with something… some pioneer readers might remember the „designvreni“ time. Next: blog name… okay, something with interior, something with Hamburg…. violà Hamburg von Innen.
Some time later I thought it might be a good idea if the blog’s name and my URL were the same…so bye bye designvreni.

You live and learn…

Long story short: I had no plan or concept about how my blog should look like, what it should stand for or what my excact niche should be when I first started writing.  I had no idea that a blog could be a brand and might need something like „branding“. My first post ever was titled „You just have to get started…“, and that’s what i did. (From today’s point of view the text seems a bit clumsy to me…).
Little by little I got an idea on what designs I like and I changed by blog several times, as the ideas changed as well. I moved to WordPress two years ago to have more room when it comes to webdesign. I read a 600 page book about WordPress, tried to figure out all the CSS stuff, learned the specific vocabulary, mostly to be able to google my questions properly.
I launched my latest major re-design at the beginning of this year. I’m all about yellow and gray, a little more geometric than before and I love my current theme, although it’s not working perfectly at some points…
Content-wise it’s also been quite a journey, today I pretty much stick to my blog’s title writing mostly about interior design and living in Hamburg…with an excursion here and there, like this one.


That branding thing…

In my review about The Hive I already mentioned that I attended some workshops and speeches about branding. I’m concerning myself with this topic for quite a while now, as I find it pretty exciting. I’m a huge fan of having concepts and guide lines, which help me being consistent and keeping me in line. Plus: I am a learner. Without this I might have quit the whole blogging thing after two weeks, I suppose.
Besides, I like it a lot, if everything is matching. That’s rather important for building a brand.
So I keep working on that. Not only to improve my blog, but also because it’s fun for me. It really is. Although it’s not all easy-peasy of course.
It’s not only the design part, you know. At first it’s about figuring out all the content related stuff, and – that’s the hardest part for me – verbalize it. What’s my vision? What’s my mission? What about my aesthetics, what should my blog stand for, which words describe my target group best?
There’s this very helpful and informative presentation about „Turning Your Channel into A Brand“ by the lovely ladies of Scandinavia Standard right here, just scroll down to resources.)  


Asking myself all of these questions after over three years of blogging might seem kind of silly (it went pretty fine so far without all this stuff, right?).
But, as I said before, it’s fun! Plus after those three and a half years I (almost) know what I want, what my preferred style is, my objective etc. and it feels just right and professional at the moment ;)
Don’t worry, I won’t change everything here, I’m pretty satisfied with the looks and content and you are too, hopefully :). I just want to improve some tiny things, like my photography skills and so on. I also plan to write my posts both in German AND English from now on…or in the near future, rather. I bought a plugin to help me manage this and it takes some time to figure it out and configurate everything properly…(but I’m a learner…I claimed that before, right? Oh dear…)




If you have any suggestions or request: please just tell me! Anything missing? Anything bothering you? Everything just fine? I’m happy about your honest feedback! :)


Moin! Ich bin Verena und schreibe hier über Interior Styling und mein Leben in Hamburg.

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