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Urban Jungle meets The Life Aquatic


How does that work out?

Pretty well, I’d say!

As shown before we had a “Life Aquatic”-themed wedding in June. Favourite movie with my favourite actor directed by my favourite director… no brainer.
Our dear friend Nina gave us a very special wedding gift: she cross-stitched us and our cat Gandhi according to our wedding pictures (and Gandhi’s physical appearance).

Tiefseetaucher und Urban Jungle Bloggers

This is an adventure.

Then there was my birthday and Nina again spent lots of time and yarn to add a most lovely present: The Crayon Ponyfish in it’s champagne glass, another motive from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (Klaus Daimler’s nephew Werner gives the seahorse to Steve Zissou, who transports it savely in an champagne glass)

Life Aquatic Crayon Ponyfish cross stitched

I displayed our cross-stitched portrait and the seahorse at our blue wall in the living room.
The tiny succulent is a perfect compagnion as it is one of over 20 that were part of our floral decoration at our wedding party.
So it’s a minimum urban jungle meeting maximal gift love and appreciation in our little wedding corner.

Life Aquatic meets UrbanJungleBloggers

Team Zissou, HO!


Plants and Arts is this month’s motto over at Urban Jungle Bloggers. That fits, right? —





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